the need for everyone to feel safe is constantly on the rise and usually in the forefront of our thoughts. the sad reality is that we are excessively hit with the news of an incident where people were either injured, in harms way, or worse.  statistics are highly in favor of using surveillance camera systems as one of the front lines of defense in your home, school, office, or church.  these systems offer many benefits and allow you to access camera feeds from anywhere.  we can even set them up to alert you of activity while you're away,  then access the camera feed so that you can view your property.  you can even see who is at the door before you open it.  


our safety solutions do not stop with technology and equipment.  We have an amazing relationship with battle rock krav maga in knoxville tn that offers a wide variety of training classes for many clients.  Do you have a home safety plan?  does your church safety team know how to handle threatening situations?  through this unique partnership we can train you for  home defense, or your team to  confidently and accurately hand possible situations.  

Connect with us to customize a safety solution for your needs.